Friday, 18 April 2014

Lovely Trend: Chunky Sandals

Rainbow Sandals – Baby Pink Sandals
Toy Food Heel Sandals – Blue Metallic Sandals
Baby Pink Sandals – Metallic Pink Sandals
Baby Blue Sandals – Hot Pink Sandals

Chunky Sandals – the nightmare of most girls during the nineties – are back! This time they come with cool platform heels. Their look is truly edgy, incredibly comfortable without missing the effect of giving you a little bit of extra height. Ugly shoes are the new beauties and really need to find a place in your shoe cabinet!

The Birkenstock sandals are back as well, but I still can't warm up my heart for them (Sorry mum, I know you love to wear them as house shoes. Maybe you are just more trendy than I am…). Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been spotted already giving in to 90s nostalgia and wearing Birkenstocks and they drop into all the cool shops right now. I would strongly recommend to not go for them, but for a pair of platform heeled styles. I think they have a more modern touch. But never forget: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

I already own several pairs of heeled Juju sandals (the baby blue one on the left) and can confirm that they are the best shoes in the world and I don't go on a city trip without them.

What do you think about chunky sandals and did you fall in love with a pair from my selection?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Lovely Label: Miss Lovett SS14

Miss Lovett, Rockabilly Fashion, 50s
Miss Lovett, Jazzafine, Retro Fashion
Miss Lovett, 50s Fashion, Retro Spring Looks
Miss Lovett, 50s Fashion, Pin-Up Fashion
Pin-up Fashion, Miss Lovett, Rockabilly Fashion

Some of you who follow this blog for longer might remember that I told you before about German rockabilly label Miss Lovett and their sweet and rocky fashion. Now their new collection "Jardin d'Amour" (Garden of love) is here and I think you will love it just as much as I do.

The collection is full of delicate lace, feminine floral prints, sexy pencil skirts and cheeky circle skirts. Adorable peter pan collars are one of the very characteristic things Miss Lovett's clothes and I am delighted they appear in the new collection too, teamed up with sweet bows and buttons. The sweet colours of the collection seem to come directly from a garden of love indeed.

Most of the pieces can be combined with each other and are handmade with a lot of attention to detail in Miss Lovett's studio in Mannheim. Diversity and variety are very important for the designs of Miss Lovett's designer Deborah Brehm. The idea behind the collection is that the pieces can be styled to mind-blowing party looks, but as well be part of decent office outfits. Miss Lovett's suggestion is to wear the tops to jeans for everyday looks.

I found an outfit in Miss Lovett's enchanted garden of love which will be among my spring favorites for sure. I'll keep the secret which one it is till it arrives and I can show it to you. So excited already! Which one of this alluring creations wins your heart?

Visit Miss Lovett here and follow them on Facebook.

Copyright all pictures by Miss Lovett, Model: Elaine Valerie/Emily La Rose, Photographer: Piromance

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Toothpaste On My Face & A Gathering Of Unicorns

dazzle & jolt, le specs, craig & karl, serena kuhl
Toothpaste glasses meets unicorn tee.
craig & karl for le specs, hi brow, i am your present
Miami-stlye reflections on my glasses and loads of kawaii accessories.
dazzle and jolt, unicorn t-shirt, lazy oaf pizza skirt, star earrings
The wind plays with the manes of the unicorns and with my hair.
unicorn tshirt, dazzle & jolt, barbie outfit, craig & karl
Look what a colour bash I can hide beneath my white plastic coat.
Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, Barbie necklace, barbie jewellery
I don't think you can fit more cute details in a single necklace than this Barbie necklace does.
Long tees can be figure-accenturating: Just wear them beneath a high-waisted skirt.
kling plastic coat, white plastic coat, craig & karl for le specs
What a fake nurse I am: I don't even try to hide my colourful accessories.
melissa shoes, hi brow, craig and karl for le specs, shoes with bow
Plastic is fantastic! That's why I wear it from head to toe.

"Pardon miss, you do have toothpaste in your face." "Oh really? Lucky me!" This conversation didn't happen yet, but I am just waiting for it to come up since i got my new comical sunglasses from artist duo Craig & Karl. I love their illustrations and as well their collection of sunnies for Le Specs. I just see no point in buying ordinary sunglasses, but I crave for the weird, the eye-catching, the head-turning. The ordinary just bores me and makes me tired. Susie Bubble has been spotted wearing another model from the Craig & Karl collection and I am sure she would agree with me.

I recently came to love including white in my outfits. I think with my plastic coat I look a little like a not serious nurse from a trash movie. I even have to think about Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill wearing her white trench coat. She is just genius and I love her in that role. No, I am not whistling that particularly song, I bet you know which one… Instead of a stethoscope and injections, I'm bringing you cute Barbie accessories. I bet you prefer this to nasty needles.

There is a lovely story behind my tee as well: From now on I can proudly declare that the last unicorn is mine. Ok, to be honest it was the second last one, but that's just a detail. When Jessica – my friend and designer of Dazzle & Jolt – told me that they almost sold all of them, I was faster than any horse in gallop and had to get it. I can resist many things, but I am certainly helpless against unicorns and flamingos. They are just invading my life with more success than any alien mission could ever have. Welcome strangers, fill my life with pink feathers and sparkles!

How do you like this look and what animal can you not resist?

My Outfit: 
Coat: Kling, T-Shirt: Dazzle & Jolt, Skirt: Lazy Oaf AW12,
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa at Zalando, Socks: Topshop,
Sunglasses: Le Specs, Necklace: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou,
Earrings: I'm Your Present, Blue Ring: Serena Kuhl,
Pink Heart Ring: Rachel's Wonders

Thanks a lot to Zalando for the shoes and to Serena Kuhl for the ring.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lovely Label & Interview: Typical Freaks

typical freaks, tropical prints, printed sweater
typical freaks, fashion, printed
typical freaks, tomato print, crop top, kawaii
crop jumper, typical freaks, neon pink

On my never-ending search for new and unique brands, I found something I am absolutely sure you will love: Typical Freaks is a London based street wear brand, designing fun pieces for individual people. A few days ago they released their new collection with a lot of stunning fruit and tropical prints, inspired by childhood "coloring in" books and nostalgic B-movies.

Sonia Xiao and Seun Ade-Onojobi are the creative designers behind the fashion-forward brand. In the following interview they will tell you a little bit more about their inspiration and work and what Knickerbocker Glory has to do with their work.

Interview with Typical Freaks

Please tell me something about your label: Who are you and how did you come together?We studied together on BA Fashion and begun customizing footwear as a hobby and to make extra money during our studies. As we both studied fashion (at London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins), we decided to eventually begin making clothes last year.

Your new collection just came out, featuring cute fruit prints and bold jungle patterns. What inspired you to your designs?
This collection was inspired by a lot of references from our childhood, particularly TV and colouring in books. Bright print and individuality always play a big role in the design process so we tried to incorporate hand made processes which would make each piece unique wherever possible.

You are a very international label based in London with Asian and African roots as well. How do you think the different cultures influence your work?
I think traditional textiles and fashion in Asia and West Africa are known for the liveliness and vibrancy, so it would be a shame not implement that kind of essence in our work. London itself is such a cosmopolitan place that we can always find inspiration in our other cultures right here.

Your work displays a lot of bold colours and rich patterns. How important are those elements for your work?
When we begun working together we would always wear really bright clashing prints. It was during early days of Nu Rave, before the term was even really being used and we would often be called freaks and that is how we came up with the brand name. Now we still want to represent these people in society who wish to stand out and challenge other peoples preconceptions about what should be worn.

How would you describe the girl that wears your fashion?She is young, sometimes young at heart and full of inner confidence. From day one we wanted to create some semblance of couture or high fashion techniques and process, at a price which young, creative people could afford and cherish forever. Our clothes are not for everyone, but we want the limitation to be a different taste as opposed to a different bank account.

Which famous person – dead or alive – do you think catches the spirit of your fashion the most?
Hayzee Fantayzee or MIA

Last but not least: If your fashion would be a meal, what would it be?
Knickerbocker Glory

Shop Typical Freaks here and don't forget to like them on Facebook.

Copyright all pictures by Typical Freaks.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Lovely Trend: Tutti Frutti

fruits in fashion, fruit prints, fruity fashion wish list
Melon Fan: ModCloth, Pineapple Necklace: Topshop, Pineapple Ring: I Love Crafty,
Pineapple Socks: Dailylook, Black Dress with Fruits: ModCloth,  Melon Bag: ModCloth,
Pineapple pants: Victoria's Secret, Blue Dress with Fruits: ModCloth

With the first rays of warm spring sun I don't just fill up my fruit bowl, but as well my passion for fruity fashion returns year after year. No matter if bananas, pineapples, melons or cherries: I am drawn like a moth to the light to fruit prints and here I share with you the best pieces I spotted in the shops right now.

Nothing spreads more good vibes and is a better source of creative inspiration than fruits, I can tell you! My fruit-of the-moment is the pineapple, but I can't say no to the others as well. They just make me happy.

You don't have to restrict yourself to wear one fruity piece at the same time, but they are also great combined. Carmen Miranda would agree for sure, there is no such a thing as a fruit overdose when it comes to styling.

I think I really need to go for one of the dresses at least. Maybe I'll just order everything and have a big delicious fruit salad in my wardrobe…

Which juicy piece is your favourite and are you crazy for fruit prints too?

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Cotton Candy Hair & Plastic Toys

my little pony blouse, iron fist, kawaii
A grownup girl in a toy world.
my little pony, iron fist, anne-sophie cochevelou, barbie earrings
Cotton candy hair and pink Barbie shoes swinging in the wind.
iron fist, my little pony top, pastel pink hair, melissa shoes
Dressing girly is just too much fun to stop.
miaki, heart ring, serena kuhl, nina bee
Finger Candy: I didn't used to wear a lot of rings, nowadays I can't understand this anymore.
iron fist, my little pony, bleach rose hair dye, kawaii fashion
It's a little bit windy today, this puts my hair into a playful mood.
anne-sophie cochevelou, barbie earrings, barbie leg earrings
Yes, I am wearing legs on my ears, why not?
vivienne westwood x melissa, jelly shoes, zalando, lady dragon
Not just Barbie loves plastic shoes, but me too.
zalando, melissa, vivienne westwood, lady dragon
In love with this cute Vivienne Westwood x Melissa cuties.

Is life a game? Unfortunately not always, but why not add some playfulness! Fashion is a perfect excuse to carry around your former toys the whole day, no matter what age you are.

Of course I loved Barbie the most of all the toys. No surprise for a girl like me with a shoe cabinet full of jelly shoes and an addiction for pink. In this post you see the newest addition to my jelly shoe collection. The amazing Vivienne Westwood x Melissa high heels came into my life through Zalando. It was a real pleasure to receive one of the familiar white and orange parcels, with the Melissa bubblegum scent already clearly recognizable from the outside.

My Barbie leg earrings awake sweet memories of afternoons spent imaging big drama scenes and perfect love stories with the pretty dolls. The earrings are made by Anne-Sophie Cochevelou, I wrote about her amazing art in this post. The Barbies I used to play with as a child are still stored safely in the attic of my parent's house and the thought of sending them to Anne-Sophie and letting her make something for me with them is stuck in my head. Maybe one day this will happen…

A toy world can't be complete without the ponies with their pastel manes from "My Little Pony", therefore they decorate my blouse. Years ago I used to believe that every age has dressing restrictions and this blouse would have been a no go in my eyes for a woman of my current age. I think since then borders have been loosened and people are more allowed to wear what they like no matter how old they are. I love this attitude and maybe I'll be a crazy old lady one day, still wearing Barbie earrings and pink lipstick. Why not? Staying cheerful isn't something anybody should ever loose! Do you wanna play with me?

What are your thoughts about this outfit and toys in fashion?

My Outfit: 
Blouse: Iron Fist at Dolls Kill, Skirt: Dotti's, Belt: Mink Pink,
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa at Zalando, Socks: Topshop,
Green Sea Urchin Ring: Serena Kuhl, Heart Ring: Nina Bee at Marta,
Aqua Chalcedony Ring: Miaki, Earrings: Anne-Sophie Cochevelou

Thanks a lot to Zalando for the shoes and to Nina Bee and Serena Kuhl for the rings.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lovely Label: Moskitas Muertas

moskitas muertas, bag with bow, vintage, retro
moskitas muertas, shoes with flower print, pastel shoes
moskitas muertas, pastel shoes, flower print shoes
moskitas muertas, retro fashion, fashion from spain

Let me introduce you to a a very original and romantic label: Are you looking for witty shoes fit for a tea party in wonderland or a handbag to make even Alice herself jealous? Do you like girly things, flowers, bows and cute details? Then this is perfect for you!

Moskitas Muertas is a Spanish label, based in Madrid. In their shop you will find exclusively designed bags, shoes, fascinators and jewellery. Everything is made in sunny Spain, using high quality materials. Moskitas Muertas dream is to create a magical world full of candy floss, rainbows, fantasy and love.

Their new spring/summer collection is called "Made in Heaven" and looking at the pastel colored shoes with their sweet flower prints, the nostalgic granny style bags or the cheeky sailor collars with ribbons may indeed cause the most allured dreams. Everything comes with a big touch of retro style and you feel a love for the pretty things in life in every single piece.

I bet if you wear the accessories from Moskitas Muertas, all the boys will buy you the biggest pink candy floss for sure…

Visit Moskitas Muertas here and follow them on Facebook.